Potato661 is a contestant from Survivor: The Australian Outback.

Despite losing Drak on Day 3, brent and Potato were able to bounce back and gain Princess to eliminate Char's alliance and control Ogakor, and Potato was even planned to make it far with brent, as well as members from Kucha. However, Ogakor's losing streak caused a shortage in tribemates, and once they were down to four members, brent betrayed Potato due to his challenge performances.

Survivor Career
Version: Ambition Longterms
The Australian Outback
Tribe(s): Ogakor
Finish: 10/16
Challenge Wins: 0
Votes Against: 2
Days Lasted: 21

Voting History Edit

Potato's Voting History
Episode Potato's Votes Votes Against Potato
1 jax; jax;


2 Char -
3 Maddie -
4 Echo brent, Princess
Voted Out, Day 21

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